Russell Brand

The main character in the movie has his heart callously broken. Which girl has broken your heart? All of them. My heart is relentlessly broken by missed opportunity and failure to find happiness. I...



I also quite like to be recognized by children; I find it sweet.
I do have a regard for the musicality of language that came from BBC sitcoms like 'Fawlty Towers.'
I'm into yoga, I meditate all the time, I'm vegetarian.
As a person... I'm a little more doubtful, introspective and analytical.
In England, we have such good manners that if someone says something impolite, the police will get involved.
Honesty has always been an integral part of my operation, really.
People have always said, are you gay? I've had a lot of that. But it's just not in me. I really like women a lot; I'm repulsed by men sexually.