Jimmy Wales

We've seen our share of concepts for imbuing Wikipedia with a more modern and responsive design. But it's not likely that Jimmy Wales and Co. will adopt any of them--or any radical redesign, for that...
You shouldn't use anything as the sole source for anything, in my view.
People take issue with individual aspects of Wikipedia all the time. But it's kind of hard to hate the general idea of a free encyclopedia. It's like hating kittens.
Wikis and social networking are just tools.
While I'm optimistic about the direction the world is headed, generally, I think there is a need for constant vigilance and pressure on repressive governments.
One of the ways that Microsoft beat Apple way back in the day was that they were a lot more open; today, in the world I come from, the free software and open-source world, Microsoft is not generally...
What you don't get in the mainstream media is so much of the background material.
The mainland Chinese tend to take a Chinese mainland point of view on controversial issues, and the Taiwanese take another the Taiwanese viewpoint.
People who have achieved a public voice find it a mixed bag.
There's a big tendency to gravitate toward a closed and proprietary approach too easily.