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I should have known growing up and not having any money ever that I should have kept every dollar that I had.
I'm from really humble beginnings. I've never been this Hollywood diva, but you get caught up in what you're pretending to be.
I didn't realize that pretending to be this 'Hills Heidi,' this spoiled rich girl who I wasn't, would almost destroy me.
Red One! HEIDI! Ohhh ohhh La la la We Love Designer I am, I'm too fabulous I'm so fierce that it's so nuts I live to be model thin Dress me, I'm your mannequin J'adore Vivienne, habillez-moi, Gucci,...



Here we, here we, go, go. Ow, Heidi oh. Boy you got me checkin, Feel I got a temperature, You can be freshing, I can be your faster girl. No need to ask, ask, I'm on you like the paparazzi, Flash,...